Have you heard an actor or actress with big legs, wide body, unblemished skin and many pimples but posted on a magazine with slim body and clear complexion? I assure you that the image was enhanced in Adobe Photoshop. 

 One of the most popular tools in Adobe Photoshop is the Clone Stamp Tool. It is very easy to use and even if you’re beginner to this software application by just following the step by step procedure you will get good results.


Here are some of the output of using Clone Stamp Tool



Cloning the baby in the peas

before cloning




Follow the step by step procedure:

 Step 1: Open any picture in Photoshop, you can also download free images  by clicking   babypeas and flower.

clone stamp tool

Step 2: Click on Clone Stamp Tool (S), point your mouse on the center of the image that you want to clone and press ALT + Click. Now point your mouse to the other part of the image that you want to apply the cloning. Click and drag the mouse to apply the cloning technique. You will be guided by the moving + sign from the original image while using the tool.

clone stamp tool

Step 3: Save your work. Go to FileSave as, write the file name and choose the file format then click Save. Most common  file formats are .JPG, .BMP, and .PNG make sure that you also save it in Adobe Photoshop format .PSD in order for you to edit anytime.

clone stamp tool

Note: The same procedure will apply if you want to clone from one picture to another. Press Alt + Click on the first image and go to the other image then click and drag the mouse to apply the cloning technique. Navigate the Opacity (located on option bar) slider to define the intensity in applying clone stamp tool.


Tips and Tricks:

Press S for Clone Stamp Tool
Press Ctrl + Tab for cycle through open documents
Double click Hand tool to fit the image in window
Press Ctrl + Alt + Z for Step Backward (Undo)
Press Ctrl + Shift + Z for Step Forward (Redo)

For complete list of default keyboard shortcuts click: Adobe Photoshop CS6 Keyboard Shortcuts


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